Use Top Performers for Recruitment of More Talent

by Doug Smith, President, The Woodhaven Group, LLC

Nothing uses up cash flow in a company like the turnover of poor performing employees.

The amount of time and dollars to run ads, interview, train, give exit interviews and start over again can kill a company.

Does this sound familiar?

Need a solution?  Try this suggestion.

Tap into your top performers to help recruit others.  It is common knowledge that winners do not like to hangout with losers.  Your best people will know others who are friends, acquaintances from prior companies, or maybe someone they went to school with that will be a success in your company like they are.

You can reward the top performer with a cash bonus, a trip, extra time off, or some other perk that motivates them.  Just make sure you tie the incentive to the new employee being with the company for a certain period of time like 3 months.

So the next time you are looking for someone, keep your superstars in mind and conserve cash flow.


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